joining the azure kubernetes team

Over twenty years ago, I wrote my first networked program, a multiplayer card game. My original plan was to position two iMacs directly facing each other, six inches apart, and use the built-in infrared port to transmit data. Then my dad bought me an Ethernet cable – this proved a much better solution. For LAN networking, the program used the AppleTalk protocol, sending the entire game state (several KB!) between clients on every frame. Trying to connect to a friend’s computer through the internet over TCP/IP immediately crashed everything, including the OS. But I’ll never forget the excitement of moving a card on one computer and seeing the change propagate to another computer. Networking has fascinated me ever since.

So I’m thrilled to announce that in mid-January I’m joining the Azure Kubernetes team to work primarily on container networking. There is a ton of innovation happening in this space right now, but also some old networking ideas that I first encountered as a teenager. Kubernetes is one of the most exciting technologies I’ve seen in my career, and I can’t wait to learn how it all works under-the-hood!