blog reboot

After a long hiatus, I am rebooting this blog!

My last post was in March, a couple of months before the first release of aretext, the open source text editor I am building. I’ve since released three versions of aretext, with the 0.4 release scheduled for February. The git repo currently has 850 commits, and I’ve been using aretext as my primary editor every day – including to write this post! I’m happy with the state of the project, so in 2022 I’m planning to dedicate more time to blogging.

A few things I’m planning to do differently this time:

  1. I’ve migrated the blog (back) to Hugo and switched hosting from AWS to Github Pages. I’m also using a Hugo theme with minimal customization to compensate for my lack of design ability. It’s now much easier to add a new post and deploy the site!

  2. I’m planning to blog more frequently, with more posts about technical topics and things I’m working on.

So let’s hit the ⏻ button twice and hope the blog reboots successfully!